Saturday, July 25, 2015

"AIM" Towards Integration (Part 2)

You can view Part 1 here.

As a longtime pilates and general movement professional, I support ISMETA and its efforts to support practitioners in the field of Somatic Movement Education and Therapy through recognition and community. I consider myself a Somatic Movement Educator (Pilates & General Movement Specialty), and developing AIM (the Amend Integrative Model) as a tool for multidisciplinary communication has been the focal point of my work for the last few decades. For more information on this professional orientation,  you can listen to the Ghent Roundtable, facilitated by ISMETA's director, Elisa Cotroneo.

Today I am writing to share with you that I am closer than ever to producing written materials on AIM. Since January, I have been presenting the Pilates by AIM: Mat Curriculum in Los Angeles. In August, we expect to award the title of Bodies Mind® Associate to our first group of graduates. This is a long-awaited milestone! Teaching AIM through the context of the pilates mat has been the first step in offering the AIM perspective to somatic movement professionals. I am so incredibly grateful for all the hard work and enthusiasm of everyone in the program.

What's next?
I am continuing work on my first book, a sort-of-sequel to the two books written by Joseph Pilates (photo attached...and by the way, if you have not yet read his books, this is the edition I recommend and I recommend to read them now!). My little book will help to clarify often misunderstood concepts, preparing the way for the public to understand the basis of AIM. This info is part of the BMPS Curriculum.
In addition to presenting the work to pilates teachers, I will soon be presenting the BMPS Curriculum to fitness, yoga, bodywork, and physical therapy professionals as well. Once this is accomplished, information on AIM will be made available to the public.

In the meantime, I expect to recommence AASI Gatherings at my studio in Mill Valley, CA. My clients continue to be my primary source of inspiration and support for my work with AIM. While they primarily practice pilates with me at my Poplar Street Studio, they are very much interested in the foundation and origin of the cues--the mental conditioning--we work with everyday. After all, these amazing individuals are the reason why the cues exist at all! Gatherings are a place to share with my clients, and the professionals in my vicinity who serve them, about AIM and the benefits of creating a community which understands the connection between all somatic disciplines.

Someday...we will all understand human movement and "style" and its relation to health and communication a whole lot better...and we will be celebrating our human differences!
Here's a wonderful short video of Ian McKellen...styles converging..enjoy!

Stay tuned!
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Wednesday, January 28, 2015



Following my bliss


conversations sprout!

~ Carole Amend 1/28/2015

Image Source
Takashi Murakami's Facebook page, 12/7/13

Sunday, January 25, 2015

"AIM" towards Integration

The Amend Integrative Model (AIM) is a conceptual model for communication about movement analysis and pedagogy. I began its development at my pilates studio in 1992, and, as envisioned, it has grown into a common language across the Multidisciplinary Movement Practice Professions, which include the fields of Dance/Performing/Fine Arts, Sports/Fitness/Recreation, Somatics, Somatic Psychology, Allopathic /Alternative /Integrative Medicine, Spa Services, Spirituality/Yoga, Psychology, Nutritional Psychology, and Education (especially Project & Brain-based Learning, Science, Physical Education).

I am excited to share more about AIM on this AASI Blog and to offer publications (and products!) in support of what we call "The AIM Conversation."

But first, for those who haven't been to the AASI Contributions Blog, here's a concise entry that I think would be a good one to bring you up-to-date: think you know what "pilates" is?
AIM is a communication tool to bring together the seemingly disparate ways of teaching pilates, as well as to educate aspiring professionals. Although the benefits of AIM, as a phenomenological tool for all movement professionals and enthusiasts, reach far beyond the realm of pilates, it is important to note the humble beginnings of the model:
1) the main physical practice from which it developed is the work of Joseph H. Pilates
2) the main mental practice from which it developed is phenomenology.

You can also find further suggested reading to keep you current with our progress under the "Recent Edits, Comments & UPDATES" section in the sidebar.

As I write this, there are so many people I wish to thank. First and foremost, I am honored to acknowledge my first pilates teacher Carola Trier, my pilates mentors Brenda Anderson and Mary Kasakove, and my phenomenological consultant, Elizabeth A. Behnke, Ph.D. My gratitude for the inspiration they afforded me is without bounds.
Here's to that inspiration taking root in AIM!

Lastly, I would like to suggest to readers that they visit the AASI website, re-launched on December 9, 2013, and read the History of AASI page.
Thanks for reading! I'd love to hear your comments, questions, or concerns.

AIM for peace,

Thursday, January 01, 2015

AASI 2015: Wishes for the New Year

Behold: My farewell entry on the AASI Contributions Blog, My 2015 New Year's Wish: On Errors, Independence, and Marketing.

I look forward to further cross-disciplinary interaction in the field of somatic integration, via communication and collaboration and "The AIM Conversation", in 2015. And, I look forward to continue sharing our progress here on this AASI Blog.

First on the agenda, is to produce a new tool for movement education, the AIM QCT, through the Bodies Mind® Program of Study. More info coming soon.
Until then, enjoy your holiday and best wishes for a wonderful new year!

Thank you for reading!
AIM for Peace,

UPDATE 7/26/15:

This year, the AIM QCT (Quality Cueing Tool) was finally produced for use in the Pilates by AIM: Mat Curriculum offered by the Bodies Mind® Program of Study™ Associate Training Track (ATT). Of course, I can't divulge the elements of the tool just yet...but I wanted to at least provide a visual. Please view the photo on the AASI facebook page, and visit the AASI Website's Amend Integrative Model (AIM) page to find out more about AIM and the QCT.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Valerie V. Hunt, Ph.D. 1916-20014

An excerpt from Dr. Valerie Hunt's website biography at (my bold):

Best known for her pioneering research in the field of bioenergy, her visionary approach coupled with a rigorous adherence to the highest scientific standards has won Dr. Hunt international acclaim in the fields of physiology medicine and bioengineering.
She was the first to develop the protocols and instrumentation necessary to detect and record the body’s high frequency energy fields with the spectral analysis of bioenergy patterns. She discovered the neuromuscular patterns of non-verbal communication and her groundbreaking research has led to the first truly scientific understanding of the relationship between energy field disturbances, disease, emotional pathologies, human field communication and the energy spectrum of consciousness.
Our heartfelt condolences go out to her family, friends, and colleagues.

A special thanks goes out to Dr. Hunt for her work with Dr. Josephine L. Rathbone.

See also her family's announcement on Dr. Hunt's facebook page.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

THIS is "style"! Part 3

One goal of the work of Joseph H. Pilates is to develop the body in order to act in harmony with gravity for enhanced stylistic expression. In an effort to create more clarity around the nature of the work in relation to the somatic integration landscape (the body-mind integration professions), the Amend Integrative Model (AIM) describes different ways of teaching pilates as "approaches", not "styles". 

Here is another wonderful expression of "style" by Brian Hull!


Sunday, January 26, 2014

THIS is "style"! Part 2

Once more...
When it comes to "pilates"...
the Amend Integrative Model (AIM) refers to the different schools of thought as "approaches."

THIS is "style": 

In this Inside the Actors Studio interview, Kevin Spacey imitates Jimmy, Johnny, Marlon, and more!